Customer Spotlight: How Workfinder Uses FullCircl to Bring Innovative Companies and Skilled Talent Together

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The UK faces a skills crisis.  On one side companies are crying out for talent but on the other, the percentage of students accessing quality work experience is dismally low. But one innovative company is trailblazing innovation in the skills-based recruitment market thanks partly to its partnership with FullCircl - that company is Workfinder.

Forward thinking

In 2019, 16-year-old Maitri Panchal and serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu spotted an opportunity to make it easier for ambitious companies to attract talented young people while developing skills within their own workforce.  By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform ensures that companies' workforce matches their needs, allowing them to drive their growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Through its unique approach, Workfinder is helping to create a more efficient and effective job market, connecting the best talent with the best opportunities while simultaneously upskilling the workforce of the future.

Collaboration in action

FullCircl’s API is powering Workfinder’s solution with superior insights on companies and the people behind them - from growth metrics to deep-dive employer intelligence, and wider sector insights –new employers can be onboarded up to 100x faster without an onerous burden of self-declaration, and candidates can access enriched and reliable intelligence about the things that matter most to them when applying for a new opportunity.  This ensures that employers can be assured of more candidates that are not only matched to their needs but genuinely keen to progress - speeding up the time to recruit and improving outcomes for both parties.

“We have total belief in working in an ecosystem and understand that we must have strong partnerships to make the process slick for both candidates and employers.  But more than this, collaboration will ensure we achieve our ambition of becoming a big player in the skills-based recruitment market of the future.  FullCircl is not only a vital part of our infrastructure, allowing us to operate at speed and scale, but also a vital business partner on all counts”, says Michaela.

To find out more about the Workfinder use case and the impact a Customer Lifecycle Intelligence approach is having on the business, its candidates, and the companies it serves take a read of the full case study.

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